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Kitchen Renovations

Your kitchen renovation specialists

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home. It’s important that your kitchen reflects your style, taste and family requirements. From a 1920’s bungalow to modern outlays, the final product will be customised to your needs.

Our architect will sit down with you and discuss your kitchen in detail, before confirming the final product design is right for your needs.  Space, storage and functionality are key aspects to plan out when designing the kitchen, while considering the number of people expected to utilise the space at any one time.  From the door types, sink levels, bench tops to flooring, there are many variables and material selections to take into account.

Given the potential value a great kitchen can add to your home, be sure to give consideration to all aspects of the layout and appliance spaces; that’s where we can help to provide advice and experience on what works well.

To talk to an experienced team of bathroom and kitchen renovation experts, or to ask more questions about our ‘My Build’ system and how it can simplify your build, contact us today on 09 818 0189.

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