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Cooper and Cooper – Our Staff

The Cooper + Cooper team are here to support you during your renovation. We’ll communicate with you through your Co-construct account, and you can contact us at any time.

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Graham Cooper

Qualified builder

At the helm of Cooper + Cooper is Graham Cooper, a specialist builder with over 16 years’ experience. Graham’s construction expertise covers villa renovations, extensions, and new builds.


Ben Cooper

Site Manager

Just like his brother Graham, Ben has been in the building trade all his life. As the Site Manager at Cooper + Cooper, Ben is responsible for each renovation and new build, and takes pride in providing quality service to every client.

CnC Renovation Design Auckland

Meet the Design Team

(from L-R) Joyce, Aaron (Team Leader), Hamish and Jonnel
The Cooper + Cooper renovation designer specialist team is capably lead by Aaron, who has a wealth of experience in the renovation designer industry
Joyce graduated in 2012 from Shanghai University in China, with a Master’s degree in Architecture, and a bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture. Joyce has 3 years’ design and draughting experience in multi-unit residential, commercial project and believes that communication with the clients is the most important part in the design process.
Hamish has a National Diploma in Architectural Technology from UNITEC and for Hamish house design and construction has always been a passion and he has always been fascinated by the way people live and move around in a space created uniquely for them. After completing his studies in NZ he moved to West Australia to learn the value of optimising spaces for denser living in a rapidly growing city, combined with understanding and implementing standards for construction that create, efficiency and affordability in a highly competitive market. Quality, Practicality and giving freedom of choice to the client are values Hamish puts above all else and with that in mind he finds a good design will always follow naturally.
Jonnel believes shelter is the most basic of human needs, and the house is the best example of that. So as a designer, it is appropriate to be interested in making the most basic of our human needs better. Jonnel received a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from Victoria University (of Wellington) and has completed his Master of Architecture (professional) in 2016 from UNITEC.

 Cooper and Cooper Auckland Renovation Specialist Team

Meet the Build Team

(from L-R) Ben, Simon, Charlie, Elijah, Sam, Victor and Graham
The Cooper and Cooper Auckland renovation specialist team have over 50 years of experience between them with new ideas mixed with tried and true.

Our quality Auckland builders love working with their hands, walking away from satisfied customers and a project well done and love seeing people’s home improvement dreams come true.