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Building or renovating your unique home goes beyond making sure it is functional and can withstand the always-changing Kiwi weather.

With experience in building high-end renovations, we have the knowledge and ability to turn your dreams into your dream home. Our in-house architect takes into account factors such as space design,  the amount of time it is spent occupied, entertaining of guests, necessities for dependents, as well as indoor/outdoor use and lifestyle expectations.

We work to create a home that is free-flowing and customised to your exact needs. Starting out a project can be overwhelming, but we aim to ensure that customers enjoy the building experience, and are known for adopting the latest developments and technologies in the industry that will provide tangible benefits and solutions throughout the building and renovation process.

A five-point guarantee promises that every project will be built with quality, service, timeliness, safety and open communication through your own ‘My Build’ account, an app that lets you follow your project on a daily basis.

Key to the quality of your project is the initial planning and research, so we will be sure to invest a high proportion of time in this part of the process. You will want a comprehensive scoping of your preferred option with well estimated costs, and time-frames that incorporate all consents required. Getting the right information, the right advice and the right team on board will help to limit unexpected decision making and surprises down the track.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate natural features, extend your house for a growing family or create the home you have always wanted, contact us.